2022 Winners

Donna Sasges head shotDonna Sasges

Donna Sasges has been a driving force in organizing and promoting the green composting program at WTS for about eight years. She coordinates volunteer schedules for each floor to manage the disposal receptacles, ensures there are always supplies available for the program, and actively promotes the initiative across the department. 

"It just makes sense, doing our little part. It's definitely teamwork and everyone pitches in. The really great thing about these large green bins is that not only can you put in food scraps, but also biodegradable paper products, paper towels and napkins... it's a lot of 'waste' that's not waste. It's not going into the garbage and, instead, is going into the organics bin to feed the earth."

 Dr. Nina ZitaniNina Zitani head shot

Dr. Nina Zitani is a biology professor, curator of Western's Zoological Collections, and founder and curator of Western's Biodiversity Gallery. An indefatigable supporter of biodiversity through education, research and personal example, Zitani is described as an inspiring champion of ecological responsibility and sustainability.

She equips students and community members with knowledge and motivation to rethink and rebuild their relationship with the land, water, plants and fungi that comprise our world. Her research includes discovering and naming 15 new insect species in Costa Rica, where she has led several cohorts of fieldwork students to a first-hand understanding of biodiversity and climate change.

Western Sustainability Leaders Program (WSLP) Student TeamWSLP team photo

The 2022 Western Sustainability Leaders Program (WSLP) Student Team is comprised of Brian Yang, Brittany Lau, Grace Farrow, Allison Pert and Rebecca Streef. This team represents student advocates who take action. They have led a number of initiatives that include sharing information about careers in sustainability; teaching students how to seed seeds and garden; offering career advice for environmentalists; collaborating with individuals and organizations on topics like sustainable fashion and food; and hosting a sustainability fair featuring a variety of environmental groups on campus.

They have worked with student groups to improve sorting for waste, food and recycling streams; and their leadership has helped students to shop locally, discover and support campus biodiversity, and celebrate holidays more sustainably.

Source: Western News