2012 Winners


EnviroWestern is a USC group that runs EnviroWeek – A week in October dedicated to educating the Western community about sustainability.  They act as guides for the Green Tours – EnviroWestern members partner with Facilities Management to run a green education program for staff, faculty, students and the general public by providing tours of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings on campus public to educate people on Western’s green initiatives and sustainability. They conduct Waste Audits – EnviroWestern conducts waste audits for Western to determine the waste composition and determine where to focus waste diversion efforts. They rebutted a famous national marketing campaign with Refill to Win – This fun contest run in March by EnviroWestern directly tackles the issue of the large amounts of coffee cup waste by providing a chance to win prizes for using a reusable mug.  Close to 10, 000 people participated in 2011. They plant and manage GROW – Three gardens are operated by EnviroWestern’s volunteers: a wildflower garden were native species flourish; a reforestation site where 20 trees were planted this past summer; and an organic vegetable garden run during the summer to provide volunteers with a local and organic food source. They spread the word with a radio show. Connect with students in  the residences –  EnviroWestern partnered with Facilities Management to deliver recycling awareness nights in residences to educate students on how to reduce their waste and recycling properly at western.  Prizes were given out a large audience  was reached.  A program to up-cycle non-recyclable items into other useful items in residences is also under way. They filled a need for zero-emissions transportation with Purple Bikes – This program run provides students with a sustainable and affordable way to commute around campus and around London by providing 48hr, weekly, biweekly and monthly bike rentals. They also offer instruction and tools for those with their own bike to properly keep it tuned and safe.

James Fazari

In Fall of 2011, James and Paul Gallo, set up an E-Waste Awareness Campaign. The drive consisted of a large green bin that was placed on campus in front of the UCC, where UWO student's unused electronics were recycled. The drive included creating awareness about recycling electronics, and encouraged students to bring any unused electronics to the bin so that they could be recycled properly. The electronics that were recycled were not only from Western Students. James and his partner created environmental awareness, made connections and contacts, and collected electronic waste from several different organizations in London, including downtown's Ledroit Beckett law firm. They mostly collected from individual households (both from UWO student's households, and citizens residing in the city of London), which represented 85% of the collections.

Dr. David Purcell

Dr. Purcell models the way. He makes sure the lights/computers are out at the end of class. This not only saves a ton of money in electricity for the institution but also reduces our carbon footprint. He advocates using soaps free of triclosan, a known bioaccumulative agent that also kills fish when released into the water system, as well as other antibacterial agents which have the same effect. He has small posters around office encouraging people to ask him about purchasing green energy (Bullfrog, wind energy), and can give you complete instructions as to how to do so upon request. He had classes send in PDFs rather than hand in paper copies. He uses recycled notepad. He rides his bike to UWO. He invested in a hybrid car, creates carpools for lab and other events to minimize gas usage and environmental degradation.