2008 Winners

Lois Armstrong (Faculty, Education) - "Lois believes that the best way to influence people is to lead by example. She has incorporatred her concern for the environmment into her daily life. Lois believes individuals can make a positive difference" - from nomination

Hospitality Services Sustainability Committee - Ruth Harland, Frank Erle, Ann Stone, Anne Zok, Catrona Graham, Craig Clifford, Jim Galbraith, Jordan Kemp, Margaret Eldridge, Janet Smith (Staff, Hospitality) - "Current HS initiatives:In support of our local economy, HS supports local businesses by purchasing products from London and the surrounding area. We use seasonal fruits and vegetables. Styrofoam-free in Residence Dining Halls. Promoted recycling in all eateries." - from nomination

Andy Merucci (Staff, Facilities Management) - "Andy created an online Service Interruption form eliminating the need for paper copies. Andy has taken the extra time to show everyone individually how the new computer form works to make the transition as easy as possible. About 35,000 pieces of paper a year have been saved." - from nomination