2010 Winners

Dr. Natasha Patrito Hannon (Faculty, Teaching Support Centre) - Dr. Hannon has developed and integrated a small group environmental issues project into a first year level course with more than 300 students. The design of the project allows students to choose an environmental issue that is of particular interest to them. A component of this project involves students contacting experts in the field in which the students are focused on for their project. The collaborative projects that the students are working on will come together for a culmination of displays concerning the various environmental issues in the U.C.C. in April. Dr. Hannon is working hard to organize an e-waste disposal drop-off for the same day to combine the showcase of her students work with proper disposal of household electronics waste. The presentations scheduled for April will show all that attend a detailed investigation into almost 70 environmental issues.

UWO Book Store/Books Plus: Chris Mouritzen and Carol Dipietro (Staff, Western Retail Services) - In August 2009, the UWO Book Store and Books Plus phased out complimentary plastic bags to customers. Customers are now encouraged to use reusable bags, backpacks or no bag for their purchases. If customers do not have a reusable bag, our plastic bags, which are biodegradable, are available for five cents. The proceeds are directed toward blue box programs in Ontario and an annual donation to ReForest London, a local environmental group that plants and cares for trees. From August 2009 to January 2010, they have reduced plastic bags by 168,934, which is a 90% reduction in plastic bags. If the trend continues, we will save close to 200,000 plastic bags from going into the landfill. They have donated $1500 to ReForest London since the launch of the program, which can be used to plant 300 seedlings in our city.