The President's Advisory Committee on the Environment and Sustainability (PACES) includes broad representation from faculty, staff and students to tackle sustainability in three broad areas:

The committee's mandate is to design and execute a Climate & Sustainability Strategy related to campus sustainability and improve awareness of sustainability initiatives and opportunities campus-wide.

PACES Committee Members:

Lynn Logan (Vice-President (Operations & Finance)) Co-Chair

Andy Hrymak (Provost & Vice-President (Academic)) Co-Chair

Ethan Gardner (USC Delegate)

Anandita Heer (USC Delegate)

Indra Bishnoi (SOGS Designate)

Brendon Samuels (SOGS Designate)

Postdoctoral Scholar Designate (1) TBD

Paul Mensink (Director, Centre for Environment & Sustainability)

Kenneth Coley (Dean, Faculty of Engineering)

Katrina Moser (President's Faculty Representative)

Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw (President's Faculty Representative)

Kerrie Lambier (President's Staff Representative)

Amanda Meyers (President's Staff Representative)

Susana Gajic-Bruyea (University Advancement Representative)

Christy Bressette (Vice Provost & AVP, Indigenous Initiatives)

Andrew Konowalchuk (AVP, Facilities Management)

Althea Blackburn-Evans (Chief Communications Officer)

Kevin Shoemaker (AVP, Research)

Vacancy (AVP, Student Experience)

Jane O'Brien (AVP, Human Resources)

Chris Alleyne (AVP, Housing & Ancillary Services)


Heather Hyde (Director, Sustainability)

Mary-Lee Townsend (Manager, Sustainability & Compliance)

Joan Ang (Manager, Energy & Carbon)

Jessica Cordes (Engagement Coordinator, Sustainability)

Danielle Lapkowski (Administrative Coordinator, Operations & Finance)