In 2018, an Open Space Strategy was published to create a safer, more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly, biodiverse campus. Universal access has been identified as a priority on campus; ensuring convenient and accessible travel routes are provided, especially for active forms of transportation. The strategy references several "Big Moves" that serve to turn the Vision and Principles into physical reality on campus, including the move to complete the bicycle network and establish a comprehensive network of safe bike routes. Learn more about cycling on campus

Individuals can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by choosing sustainable forms of transportation; whether that is walking, roller blading, cycling, taking the bus, driving an electric vehicle (EV), or carpooling. Active transportation can include additional health and wellness benefits too! 

Listed below are a few of the sustainable transportation initiatives across campus:

  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are available at three locations across campus.
  • The universal bus pass program provides unlimited bus transportation to all full-time students.
  • An active transportation-friendly campus, with designated paths, secured bike parking, and continual improvements being made to the path network, as identified in the Open Space Strategy.
  • Western Active Transportation Society (WATS) is a Western community group of faculty, students and staff who are passionate and dedicated to active transport at Western! Learn more and get involved