Cycling is an important part of the Western community. Gateways for cyclists onto campus are provided via dedicated bike lanes that extend from Windermere Road at the north end of campus, and continue along Western Road entrances at Elgin Drive and the Springett Parking Lot, as well as south along Wellington Drive into the student residence area. On-street bicycle lanes that extend from Richmond Street along University Drive create a gateway for cyclists on the east side of campus. Coming in from along the Thames River, the Thames Valley Parkway connects with University Drive and creates a beautiful gateway onto Western's campus for cyclists.

Western's Open Space Strategy describes the university's goals for sustainable transportation on campus. The strategy references several "Big Moves" that serve to turn the Vision and Principles into physical reality on campus, including the move to complete the bicycle network and establish a comprehensive network of safe bike routes. 

Campus Cycling Resources

Safe and comfortable cycling on campus is a priority, and as such there are numerous covered and uncovered bike racks. There are also several public shower locations across campus, providing a more comfortable and versatile cycling experience for commuting to school and work. The Bike and Shower Map makes it easy to plan for a commute to anywhere on campus. As part of an anti-theft initiative, some of these bike racks have been moved. Parking Services also provides bike shelter and lockers for rent.