Water Conservation

Western University is committed to water conservation. We are currently undergoing an energy and water master plan in order to ensure we are taking a coordinated and integrated approach to water management on campus. Through this project, we are seeking opportunities for savings. We are looking at the operation of existing equipment, and looking to incorporate new technologies, including renewables.

Water Efficiency Upgrades

Through effective demand management, Western's water intensity has dropped by 14% since 2012. Eighty-eight newly installed water meters provide real-time data to the Energy Dashboard

Facilities Management plumbers test 651 backflow devices annually. Each unit provides an added layer of protection for Western's drinking water that may result from backflow conditions or a drop in pressure.

Western's Power Plant uses a multi-purpose greywater system which has mitigated 10M-litres of municipal water since 2017. Water used to rinse equipment is captured and reused for blowdown tanks, chilled water make-up, and other auxillary services.

Facilities Management has increased the number of bottle filling stations on campus which both reduces the reliance on single-use plastics and promotes personal hydration. There are 159 stations with more being added through renovation and new construction.

Landscape Services continues to reduce the number of high-water requirement plantings. The team has decommissioned many irrigation systems in mature landscaped areas where native species have become established.