Sustainability Guide for the Western Community

As detailed in Western's 2021 Strategic Plan, Towards Western at 150, sustainability is an imperative at Western. The Sustainability Guide for the Western Community was put together by graduate students from the 2021 Masters of Environment and Sustainability class. This guide provides tangible and accessible sustainable lifestyle recommendations to Western students, staff, and faculty. The guide is offered in two formats:

  • Detailed Guide
  • Pocket Brochure (on-campus) and (off-campus)

This guide works to elevate and improve the culture of sustainability on Western's campus. The Sustainability Guide for the Western Community amplifies the idea 'think globally, act locally,' as it strives to inspire everyone to rethink sustainability in their lives and across campus. Everyone in the Western community is invited to explore this guide to learn more about the ways they can incorporate sustainable lifestyle choices on- and off-campus!

Detailed Guide

The Detailed Guide discusses seven topics pertaining to sustainability. These topics include:

  • Waste
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Energy and Water
  • Transport
  • Community
  • Green Spaces

Within these various topics, each section presents useful solutions for moving towards sustainable lifestyle changes. The goal for this piece of the guide is to provide context surrounding the topics, and to discuss the importance of shifting towards more sustainable behaviours.

Download the Detailed Guide

Pocket Brochures

The on- and off-campus Pocket Brochures work to serve as a handy resource that can be kept in a wallet, backpack, or pocket. With quick tips and resources, this part of the Sustainability Guide for the Western Community promotes the idea that you can take sustainability with you wherever you go!

Download the On-Campus Pocket Brochure

Download the Off-Campus Pocket Brochure

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