Centre for Environment and Sustainability

The Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES) is the official centre for Western University's dedication to, and support for, environmental studies. The mission of the CES is to foster interdisciplinary teaching and learning that advances the understanding of complex environmental and social interactions. Through this mission, the CES aims to develop the next generation of environment and sustainability leaders. The CES is an interdisciplinary initiative supported by the Faculty of Science (host faculty), Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Science, and other contributing faculties. 

Graduate Programs within the Centre for Environment and Sustainability

The CES hosts the Masters in Environment and Sustainability (MES) program, a one-year, course-based, professional masters program offering experiential learning opportunities throughout the year. Incorporating both a professional consulting project and a co-op placement into the academic learning, the MES develops intellectual and practical skills students need to advance environmental and sustainability issues in a wide range of sectors.

The Collaborative Specialization in Environment and Sustainability is an enrichment program designed for current graduate students (MSc/MA/MEng or PhD) who are interested in the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems and are eager to become specialists in specific aspects of environment and sustainability.

Undergraduate Programs within the Centre for Environment and Sustainability

The undergraduate programs in Environmental Science at Western provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to studying and solving environmental problems. Environmental Science modules are hosted by the CES in the Faculty of Science, rather than through a specific department, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the field. Environmental Science students take courses as part of their modules that would be electives to other students in Science. Because of the breath of courses available to Environmental Science students, each student can take a unique set of courses across a number of academic disciplines.