Waste Reduction & Diversion


Western University has prioritized key initiatives and projects to support waste reduction and diversion.

These include updates to infrastructure across campus that would ensure both waste stations and signage are consistent from building to building. Consistent functionality and messaging are key to ensuring the Western Community is comfortable and familiar with the waste management system on campus, and that it is used effectively to maximize waste diversion.

Working with our vendor partners to understand where and how our waste is generated is also a key priority in the coming years. With this insight, the University will be better equipped to engage in meaningful activities, projects and initiatives that best supports waste reduction and diversion.

Western's Waste Flow

The waste and recycling generated on Western's campus is locally managed with none of our volumes going beyond a 5KM radius of the City of London. This reinforces the principle of individual ownwership of and responsibility for waste management within our own communities.

Historical Waste Diversion Rates

The graph below shows the waste diversion rates from 2017 until 2022.

Breakdown of waste diversion rate annually from 2017-2022. Annual diversion rates in order; 49%, 46%, 48%, 39%, 26%, 48%.