Waste Reduction & Diversion



Western's current waste diversion rate is 50%. This means that of all of the waste thrown away on campus, 50% is diverted from landfill through the recycling and organics streams. We continually strive to increase this number by reducing waste on campus and improving our waste diversion programs with recycling and organics collection. 

This year Western began launching Zero Waste Stations across campus in an effort to make sorting waste easier for all of us. Our new signage and educational campaigns aim to raise awareness on how to sort and the importance of sorting on campus and in London. Our goal is to help every Western community member Sort It Right, every time!

If we all sort our waste correctly each time, Western's waste diversion rate would increase, meaning less waste would end up in the landfill because all recyclable and organics materials would be processed through the appropriate streams. Join us in committing to Sort It Right, and help improve Western's sustainability with waste!