Waste & Recycling Portal

Are you looking to get rid of some waste? You've come to the right place!

The Waste & Recycling Portal is available to all Western staff, students and faculty who are looking for pick-up on any waste and recycling. All waste requests should be sent through the portal including for items such as:

Common Recycling Streams


Western University has a talented and hardworking team of Facility Managers and Caretakers, who are responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective movement of waste and recycling from point of generation, to its various pick-up locations around the campus, where it is then removed by a waste and/or recycling hauler for final disposal off-site. If you have questions about how your waste and recycling is managed at your building, please contact sustainability@uwo.ca.


Western University is presently moving towards standardizing our Waste and Recycling receptacles. While we continue with this important work, you can be our “eyes on the ground!”

If there is a location on campus that you believe should have improved access to recycling bins, please visit the Waste & Recycling Portal to let us know!


Western’s Organics Program processes food scraps, as well as biodegradable paper take out containers, and other paper products such as paper towels and napkins. As a standard, organics bins are placed in dining halls and eateries, and in hospitality kitchens and food prep areas. For more information, on the organics program and what items should go in organics, see our Sorting Waste at Western page

If you are interested in setting up an organics bin in your area, please use the Waste & Recycling Portal.

Special Request Recycling Streams


Batteries are managed very strictly at Western, and is a joint initiative between OHS and the Sustainability Office. Batteries fall under Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Guidelines, and as such, federal agencies are quite strict on its storage, sorting and collection. Please refer to the link below to review the specific requirements and locations of our Battery Recycling Program.

Designated Drop Off Locations for Battery Recycling at Western

Click here to see which batteries can be recycled at Western.

If You have any questions about battery recycling on campus, please contact sustainability@uwo.ca.


Individual departments are responsible for managing and coordinating their confidential shredding services. Shredding Services is not listed in Mustang Market; please see Western's Preferred Vendor List to find contact information for Western's preferred shredding services vendor.


What is E-Waste?
Electronic waste or e-waste is the term used to describe electrical or electronic devices once it has reached the end of its useful life, and is destined for disposal. Electronics that can be refurbished, reused, resold or salvaged through material recovery and recycling, are also considered e-waste.

What E-Waste can be recycled at Western?
Click here for the list of acceptable e-waste items at Western.

How do I recycle E-Waste on Campus?
E-Waste is collected for recycling on a regular basis at various locations on the Western Campus. If you have e-waste and are unsure if your location has an e-waste recycling bin, please submit a ticket via the Western Waste & Recycling Portal.


Western has an agreement with our stationery vendors (Staples and Grand & Toy) to pick up and recycle our ink and toner cartridges from Western administrative offices and spaces. This includes ink cartridges from printers as well as old toners from our Multi-Functional Devices across campus. Please keep your toners and ink cartridges together in one location for pick up when stationery orders are delivered.

If you do not expect a stationary order soon, and need your ink and toner cartridges picked up, you can make a special request to have a pick up done by:

  • Grand & Toy - complete the form at the THINK tile on the Grand & Toy punch-out homepage in Mustang Market
  • Staples - email easyservice@staples.com (include Account# 372578)

Please contact sustainability@uwo.ca with any questions or concerns regarding ink cartridge disposal and recycling at Western.


Western works with a Scrap Services Provider who is able to help us reuse and/or recycle much of our large, bulky items – things like furniture, filing cabinets, old renovation materials, shelving etc. Additionally, there are processes in place to manage the disposal and preferably, recycling of high volumes of one type of material (paper, plastics, metal, etc.).

To access these services, please submit a ticket via the Western Waste & Recycling Portal.


Occupational Health and Safety is accountable for ensuring a healthy and safe work environment through effective risk management. Occupational Health and Safety has chosen RPR Environmental to handle the waste collection program at Western. RPR Environmental provides Western with the services of technical and environmental specialists who provide a unique, hands-on approach to waste management. Please visit Western's Hazardous Waste website for more details.


Western actively recycles all our fluorescent light bulbs and lamps, which are collected by Facilities Management staff and placed for recycling at various locations.

Facilities Management Staff can request a recycling pick up via the Waste & Recycling Portal.


Western collects and recycles wood waste generated during construction/renovation projects on campus, as well as wood pallets used for shipping products on site.

All requests for Wood Waste Recycling can be processed via the Waste & Recycling Portal.

If you don't see your item on the list, please still use the portal. We encourage all requests to include a photo to make the service as clear and easy as possible. 

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