Research, Teaching & Learning

The Research, Teaching & Learning Working Group supports PACES in executing Western's Climate & Sustainability Strategy, focused in the following areas:

  • Sustainability Research
  • Student knowledge of Sustainability
  • Course Content
  • Continuing Studies
  • Sustainable Labs

This Working Group is comprised of the following membership:

  •  (Co-Chair) Associate Vice President (Research)
  • (Co-Chair) Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  • Undergraduate Student at Large
  • Graduate Student at Large
  • Post Doctoral Scholar
  • Continuing Studies Representative
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning Representative
  • Communications & Public Affairs Representative
  • Residence Life/Student Experience Representative
  • Indigenous Representative
  • Centre for Building Sustainable Value (Ivey Business School) Representative
  • School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Representative
  • Faculty Representative (2)

View the working group Terms of Reference here