Student Network Groups

Youth voices are essential to building a sustainable future. The groups listed on this page represent student-facing clubs and groups who are a part of the Western Environment & Sustainability Network (WESN). These groups include undergraduate and graduate student clubs and groups from Western's main campus and affiliates. The goals of WESN include: 

  • Raise awareness of student-led sustainability initiatives and opportunities for students to get involved
  • Increase cohesion and collaboration amongst sustainability groups on campus
  • Regular dialogue about Western Sustainability initiatives with student groups

Annual Sustainability Fair

WESN holds an annual Sustainability Fair each October where the groups in the network do outreach to raise awareness and provide opportunities for more students to get involved. The Sustainability Fair provides a space for all students to learn about how they can get involved with sustainability, whether they are on main campus, affiliates, undergraduate, or graduate students. The network includes a wide range of sustainability topics and opportunities and the Fair is a perfect time for students to learn about all the ways students can take action for sustainability on campus and in the community.


Springfest takes place annually in March. Network groups often plan for larger end-of-year events and actions in March, and WESN identified this opportunity to elevate sustainability with a month-long series of events under the umbrella of Springfest. Western Sustainability also co-hosts an annual Riverfest throughout September. This way the academic year is bookended with two month-long celebrations around sustainability - Riverfest in September and Springfest in March. 

Network Groups

Biology Undergraduate Society (BUGS)

The purpose of BUGS is to broaden the academic and social experience of Western undergraduate students with an interest in biology. BUGS aims to connect undergraduate biology students with similar goals to each other, to serve as a liaison between undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and department officials, and to foster an environment where students can learn about scholarship, career, scholastic, and volunteer opportunities. Connect with BUGS on Instagram, Facebook, or by email at  

Climate Crisis Coalition (CCC)

The Climate Crisis Coalition (CCC) is a grassroots, student-run organization formed with the purpose of helping Western University fulfil its responsibility of being a leader in the fight against the ongoing deterioration of the planet’s environment. We prioritize advocacy work that targets the fossil fuel industry, such as fossil fuel divestment.  We are always welcoming new members throughout the year! Check out some of our past actions on our Instagram @climatecrisiscoalitionuwo and learn more about us on our website or Discord Server

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

EWB Canada invests in people; the organization identifies, encourages, and equips talented leaders to have a positive impact on local, regional, and global communities. EWB invites and empowers people who value collaboration and cooperation to develop solutions to local and global poverty, inequality, and sustainability issues. EWB offers immersive experiences at Western, across Canada and sub-Saharan Africa to launch future leaders equipped to understand and engineer systems change.

EWB Western is a highly active chapter within the organization, with portfolios that focus on a range of global and local issues such as: Climate Change, Fair-Trade, Food Systems, Youth Engagement, Gender Equity, Political Advocacy and more! Connect with EWB Western on Facebook, Instagram, Slack, or by email at


EnviroSynBio is a multi-faculty team of passionate students creating solutions to real-world problems using principles from a variety of fields including biochemistry, computer science, political science, Indigenous studies, and much more! Our focus is to promote synthetic biology to all undergraduate students, as well as to explore how synthetic biology can be used to create solutions to environmental problems. Our team tackles a wide range of projects and student-oriented events to provide diverse opportunities for gaining new skills and experiences (including but not limited to research papers, policy analysis, collaboration with external partners, on-campus events, and podcasts). Our team consists of 4 committees (Academics, Advocacy, Research, and Communications), ensuring that there is a space for everyone to explore whatever they’re interested in! (Instagram: @envirosynbio)

Enviro USC

Enviro USC is a USC student service that promotes a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues that are important to students at Western. Enviro provides numerous opportunities and initiatives for students to get involved in on campus throughout the year relating to gardening, sustainable food, waste, water, outreach and more! For questions, project ideas, or to join, contact EnviroUSC by InstagramFacebook, or by email at

Food Resources and Education for Student Health (FRESH)

FRESH is a comprehensive peer nutrition education program that utilizes a partnership with Brescia's Food and Nutrition program and Western's Hospitality Services to increase awareness, improve knowledge, build skills, and influence the campus food environment. Through interactive events and healthy eating initiatives, FRESH strives to make Western and its affiliates the healthiest campus in Canada!

If you are interested in requesting a FRESH event, please email FRESH at For Resources and information regarding FRESH, check out the website, Instagram, and Facebook

Friends of the Gardens (FOGs)

Friends of the Gardens (FOGs) is a group of volunteers of who care for two of Western’s beautiful gardens: St. Mary's Rock Garden and the Pollinator Garden. We are an enthusiastic team coming from all parts of the university; undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, faculty, retirees, alumni, and community members.

FOGs volunteers work through the year on a variety of projects like garden maintenance and Plant Sales. We also make an annual contribution to bursaries for undergraduate and graduate students. We have a strong drive for environmental work and a great sense of community. If you like plants, insects, and nature, join us! Learn more on our website.

Huron Green Club (HGC)

As a student-led organization at Huron University College at Western, Huron Green Club is dedicated to fostering a community of environmentally conscious individuals who are committed to making a positive impact on our campus and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned eco-activist or just dipping your toes into the world of sustainability, we invite you to join us on a journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we'll explore innovative ways to promote eco-friendly practices, and advocate for a healthier planet. Join us in our mission to turn green ideas into meaningful actions and be part of the positive change we want to see in the world. Let's make a difference, one eco-friendly initiative at a time, with the Huron Green Club!

Indigenous Students Association (ISA)

The goal of the Indigenous Student Association (ISA) is to maintain a sense of community amongst their peers across campus while also providing programming, events, and workshops in order to educate Western's Campus about Indigenous peoples, their nations, and their distinct cultures alongside current issues involving Indigenous peoples presently. 

Learn more and connect with the ISA on their website, Instagram, and Facebook, or by email at

Ivey Degrowth Club (IDC)

Degrowth is a multidisciplinary field that synthesizes our understanding of economics, history, anthropology, ecology, political science, and technology to form a broad critique of growth-dependent human development. The Ivey Degrowth Club (IDC) aims to spread awareness about degrowth while educating students on the concept’s relevance in their respective career paths. IDC presents alternative economic structures that align with Earth’s planetary boundaries while offering pragmatic solutions to the various crises we face today. Discussions will coincide with the HBA curriculum to offer alternative discussions to course programming such as the infinite growth narrative taught in mainstream economic classes. IDC welcomes all community members to participate in dialogues and contemplate subjects that are not typically addressed at Ivey but hold significant value for aspiring business leaders.

Ivey MBA Sustainability Club

The Ivey MBA Sustainability Club is an organization led by the student cohort, which works closely with the Ivey Centre for Building Sustainable Value and operates under the MBA Association (MBAA). The Club aims to inspire, educate, and promote collaborative efforts for future business graduates, with the objective of demonstrating and educating the student body on sustainability practices, to be implemented throughout their professional careers and everyday lives. The Club organizes a variety of student run events, such as fireside chats, panelist sessions, and field trips, independently and through collaboration with other Ivey Business School clubs, to reach both Ivey’s undergraduate and graduate students. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Ivey MBA Sustainability Club or collaborating on an event, please contact Ivey MBAA.

Ivey Social Impact Club

In 2017, Ivey Social Impact Club (SIC) was formed as a merger between the Ivey Not-for-Profit and Ivey Sustainability clubs. Since then, the group has been connecting passionate Ivey students to opportunities in the impact space by promoting business as a tool to create positive social and environmental change.

Learn more and connect with the club on their website, Instagram, and Facebook

London Propel Impact Fund

London Propel Impact FundThe London Propel Impact Fund is a student-led impact investing orgnanization that aims to provide students with real hands-on experience with impact investing whilst also making a tangible impact on the local community. We are one of seven funds across the nation under Prople Impact, our national organization.

If you are interested in learning about impact investing, feel free to reach out anytime. We recruit our new team every year in March and all are welcomed to apply!

If you are a founder yourself or know of a social purpose organization who is in need of capital, also reach out to discuss a potential partnership! Contact us here.

Purple Hands

Purple Hands is a student-run charity that focuses on bridging the gap between the student populations and marginalized and vulnerable individuals in London. We do this through outreach, advocacy, and educational events and campaigns to work towards alleviating some of the burdens that those experiencing homelessness in London face, as well as to connect the London community with the Western Community.

If you are interested in learning more about Purple Hands initiatives and ways to support the London community, please follow us on Instagram (@purplehandsuwo) and check out our website (!

Science Students' Council (SSC) Environmental Committee

Western’s SSC Environmental Committee strives to ensure that our science study body is actively educated about and engaged in initiatives supporting current environmental and sustainability practices. Through a variety of interactive workshops, educational media, collaborations with London organizations such as Goodwill thrift stores, and the introduction of environment-friendly practices like proper waste disposal, we hope to make Western a greener and healthier community.

For any questions, concerns, or new initiative ideas, contact or visit our Instagram (western.ssc) or website (! 

Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee strives to make SOGS an environmentally sustainable organization. Centralized by the SOGS Climate Emergency Declaration, the committee works closely with the SOGS Climate Commissioner, graduate students, the campus community, and city stakeholders to better communicate and educate SOGS members about issues pertaining to the global climate crisis and environmental sustainability. Email the committee at and stay updated with current initiatives on Instagram.

Student Energy at Western University (SEWU)

Student Energy at Western University (SEWU) seeks to provide students with the knowledge, connections, resources and practical experiences that will inspire and empower them to lead the just transition to a sustainable energy system.

SEWU joins 43 other Student Energy chapters in 24 countries. At Western, SEWU has hosted a model energy policy negotiation and climate simulation, move night on fusion energy featuring Q&A with leading international researchers, and partnered with Facilities Management and EnviroWestern to host Western's first pitch competition for solutions to help the university achieve carbon neutrality. SEWU has also led a number of advocacy, education and service initiatives. Students are encouraged to get in touch via Facebook, Instagram, or by email at  

UES Sustainability

The UES Sustainability Committee is a group of undergraduate students that operates under the Undergraduate Engineering Society (UES). The goal of the committee is to run initiatives that educate engineering students and promote sustainability in their daily lives and professional careers. This committee also works to provide all UES activities with guidelines for being sustainable, audit all UES activities' environmental footprint, and suggest improvements for the following year.

Students interested in attending events, checking out resources, or contacting UES Sustainability can stay updated through Instagram, or email the group at

USC Food Support Services

FSS logoFood Support Services is a USC student service dedicated to relieving hunger among UWO undergraduate students, helping to enable the full participation of students facing barriers to food insecurity. With the rising costs of tuition, housing, childcare, and food, many students are struggling. We provide essential support to UWO students through our events related to food insecurity, nutrition, and more! We also run a food bank located in the University Community Centre, Room 40F.

For questions, project ideas, or to join, contact USC Food Support Services by website, Instagram, Facebook or by email.

WaterAid Western

Hundreds of millions of people do not have access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. This issue impacts health, poverty, education, and the growth of communities. WaterAid Western is a chapter of WaterAid Canada, and the organization aims to bring awareness to, and fundraise towards, making clean drinking water, reliable toilets, and good hygiene accessible to everyone. Connect with WaterAid Western on Facebook, Instagram, or by email at

Western Active Transportation Society (WATS)

WATS is a multidisciplinary group of students, faculty, and staff at Western University who are passionate about researching and promoting safe cycling and walking as a means of transportation. Much of current infrastructure is focused on cars, and while cycling and walking is not for everybody (and not for every day), WATS believes that better support for active transportation will yield important and significant benefits. Cycling and walking is fun, and research clearly shows that it is good for body, brain, society and environment. 

WATS sends out a newsletter by email and hosts meetings where all members are welcome! Connect with WATS on Twitter or by email at

Western Community for Active Transportation (WERCAT)

WestERn Community for Active Transport (WERCAT) is organized by Western Emergency Medicine and powered by a handful of dedicated medical students from Schulich School of Medicine. Our advocacy work is partly inspired by WATS and our goals are twofold: 1) To provide a community for those looking to transition to non-car transport at LHSC and St. Joseph’s Hospital Campuses and 2) To engage in community advocacy in London and region with the hope of reducing vulnerable road user morbidity and mortality while making active transport options more viable for all.

To learn more, join our community, or contact us, check out our Instagram or Twitter.

Western Engineering Green Tech Club

The Western Engineering Green Technology Club (WEGTC) is a student run club focused on the research and creation of technologies that will help fight climate change. We are passionate about reducing emissions and creating a healthy and sustainable future. During the 2023-24 school year WEGTC will be focused on building a Direct Air Capture device.

Check out the Green Technology Club on LinkedIn, Instagram, web, and contact them by email at

Western Environmental Business (WEB)

Western Environmental Business (WEB) is a club that fosters a future generation of environmentally conscious business leaders and changemakers. Through carefully curated programming of workshops to case competitions, WEB strives to educate students on the intersections of business and sustainability. Students are encouraged to join as general members regardless of skill level or faculty.

Come join us in making a meaningful environmental impact! Follow WEB on Facebook and Instagram to receive updates on events. 

Western Environmental Science Association (ESA)

Western Environmental Science Association (ESA)'s mission is to support and collaborate with Western's community of individuals interested in environmental science, sustainability, and conservation. As a department club, ESA acts as a liaison between students and the Earth Sciences department; specifically Environmental Science students. 

We provide and promote career and networking opportunities and skill building opportunities for our constituents and collaborate with other environment-focused organizations at Western. We also aim to support undergraduates and masters students with career planning and continuing education. Our organization to open to any and all students! (Instagram: @westernesa)

Western Sustainable Leaders Program (WSLP)

The Western Sustainable Leaders Program (WSLP) is a collaborative initiative between the Office of Sustainability and student leaders on campus. WSLP features monthly themes throughout the year with themed events and webinars. Faculty, student groups, and practitioner guest speakers address various sustainability topics over the year, and there are also many ways to get involved with activities, contests and prize draws! Email and follow @WesternUSustain for more information.  

Western Wildlife Conservation Society (WWCS)

Western Wildlife Conservation Society (WWCS) is a student organization dedicated to educating and increasing involvement of the student body in wildlife conservation. WWCS aims to raise awareness of how to lower ecological footprints and create a healthy and sustainable planet. WWCS pairs up with local organizations such as the London Environmental Network and Salthaven Wildlife and Education Center to educate students on how they can get involved locally to help our environment and the wildlife that live in it. Contact WWCS on Facebook, Instagram, or by email at