2018 Winners

Kevin Walker
Anatomy lab technician
Individual Nomination category

Kevin Walker takes daily action to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to improve the environment and lives of people on our beautiful campus. In his role as an anatomy lab technician, Walker has made a name for himself assisting many graduate students to complete their research projects by problem-solving and manufacturing solutions out of saved materials. His economical insight, resourcefulness, and commitment to the practice of sustainability is an advantage to his department and Western.

Clare Robinson
Environmental Engineering professor
Individual Nomination category

Clare Robinson has been active in supporting environmental awareness and sustainability initiatives since starting at Western in 2009. She has fostered awareness for sustainability and environmental issues through her teaching, research and extensive service and interdisciplinary activities on campus, as well as the broader community. As a professor in Environmental Engineering, Robinson has played a key role in developing and delivering curriculum focused on sustainability and environmental issues. Beyond Western, she works to raise the profile of Western as a leader in Environment and Sustainability.

Yvonne Fuller
Student Experience staff member
Individual Nomination category

Yvonne Fuller’s passion for sustainability directly and consistently contributes to Western’s environmental goals helping to lead her team in adopting environmental behaviours. Through her work with employees, students and volunteers in the Student Development Centre, Fuller’s focused and tireless efforts have resulted in green conversations, collective consciousness and environmental awareness among all.