Bee Campus

Photo: Middlesex College tower with flowers and plants in foreground

There are over 1,000 species of pollinating insects in Canada. This includes bees, butterflies, moths, flies, and beetles. Pollinators are important because they work to maintain the health of ecosystems and support agriculture. 

A wonderful way you can support pollinators is by planting native plants like flowers, shrubs, and trees. Many native plants can even be grown in containers to support pollinators on a porch or balcony! Native plants are accustomed to the environment in which they grow, so they also require much less care and are hardier plants. 

Western was the first university in Canada to become a designated Bee Campus in 2018. This designation recognizes ongoing pollinator work that has been taking place on campus such as: 

  • Planting native species on campus
  • Native plant giveaways
  • Educational events and campaigns about native plants and pollinators 
  • Reduced grass cutting in some areas for wildflowers and grasses to grow
  • Maintaining mature pollinator friendly trees
  • Naturalizing space behind buildings and along forest

Bee City Campus            Bee in a flower patch