2021 Winners

The Waste Map - Aranyah Shanker

Science student Aranyah Shanker proposed The Waste Map, an online training tool that uses incentives to promote the proper use of local recycling programs.

Users take a photo or enter text to describe an item for disposal, and The Waste Map identifies the item and directs them to the nearest appropriate bin. It then prompts the user to take a picture of the bin, and if it matches the one specified the user gets tokens or points redeemable at on-campus establishments. 

The Carbon Menu - Grace Tse and Samantha Tse

Medical Science student Samantha Tse and Social Science student Grace Tse set out to shed light on the environmental impacts of meat-based diets.  They proposed The Carbon Menu, which lists water consumption and carbon emissions related to the production of each menu item in Western’s dining halls and campus eateries. The menu helps individuals make more sustainable choices.

The students are considering developing an app that would track the carbon emissions and water consumption associated with a user’s meals and grant more points to meals with lesser impacts.

Source: Western News