Demand Management

Demand Management is a methodology used to forecast, plan and manage electrical demand on campus. These efforts and activities protect Western's infrastructure and resiliency, while also supporting Ontario's broader electricity system.

In addition to long-term strategic planning, the Facilities Management team - in collaboration with other units and areas on campus - implements a demand management program which allows us to reduce our electricity demand for short (4 - 8 hour) durations when the provincial electricity demand is at its highest. This can help manage Western's electricity costs and prevent power outages on the broader electricity grid while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas power generating plants across the province.

Currently, the provincial peak demand typically happens on hot, humid days in the summer, but as heating loads electrify across the province, these peaks may also occur on the coldest days in the winter.

Our current demand management program involves temporarily increasing chilled water temperature in areas of campus that do not have strict temperature and humidity requirements, while continuing to run fans and ventilation as normal. This strategy will continue to evolve as Western's and the province's infrastructure and electricity profiles change.