Green Buildings

Image: Amit Chakma Engineering Building, LEED® Platinum (2019)

As part of our commitment to becoming a low-carbon campus, Western is looking to embed sustainable design as part of any new construction or major renovation on campus through our Sustainable Design Guidelines.

The use of external certification programs, such as LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) not only helps showcase our commitment to sustainable buildings, but also complies with internationally-recognized standards and performance measurements.

LEED certified buildings create a better indoor environment for occupants, have high quality insulation and air quality, and consume less energy and water than traditional buildings. These outcomes are aligned with Western's long-term sustainability goals and help create a greener campus.

Below you will find a list of buildings that have achieved certification under LEED®. Learn more about the features of these green buildings on a Green Campus Tour!

  • Claudette MacKay Lassonde Pavillion - LEED® Gold (2010)
  • McIntosh Gallery - LEED® Silver (2012)
  • Stevenson Hall and Lawson Hall - LEED® Silver (2014)
  • WINDEEE - LEED® Silver (2014)
  • Ontario Hall Residence - LEED® Silver (2015)
  • Western Centre for Public Health & Family Medicine - LEED® Silver (2015)
  • The Collider - LEED® Silver (2015)
  • Ivey Business School - LEED® Gold (2015)
  • Physics and Astronomy Building - LEED® Certified (2015)
  • Music Building - LEED® Gold (2017)
  • Delaware Hall Residence -LEED® Silver (2018)
  • Western Interdisciplinary Research Building (WIRB) - LEED® Gold (2018)
  • Amit Chakma Engineering Building (ACEB) - LEED® Platinum (2019)