SDG2 - Zero Hunger

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‘Zero Hunger’, examines food security and the need to change our current global food and agriculture systems. With a growing population and growing environmental risks due to climate change, current agricultural systems are overburdened and as a result, often unsustainable. Globally, one in nine people today are undernourished, Investments in agriculture and sustainable food systems are necessary to help reduce hunger and undernourishment (United Nations, 2019).

Western Initiatives Supporting This Goal

Food Support Services

  • Food hampers being prepared by food servicesFood Support Services at Western University is dedicated to reducing food insecurity amongst Western students and providing education and awareness of issues such as food insecurity, hunger, and poverty in both local and global settings. One initiative they have undertaken is the food hamper service, in which a Western student can fill out a request form and receive a grocery bag with enough food for one or two days. This bag can then be picked up in person at their office or placed in a locker for confidential pick-up. Food Support Services also run a food bank in their office, in which students can pick up food during operating hours (Western University Student Council, 2019).

Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) Food Bank Program

  • Society of graduate students are headquartered in Middlesex College“The Food Bank Program is for graduate students who are not graduate teaching assistants (and thus do not get an income from being a teaching assistant) and who are food insecure. Graduate students can fill out an application, and if approved, will be given a $75 grocery store gift card, with an additional $25 per dependent. Note: This program is not meant for chronic need, and depending on circumstances, not all applications may be approved (Society of Graduate Students, 2019).