SDG 17 - Partnership for the goals

Partnering for the SDGs is paramount for achieving the Goals. The 17 Goals intersect in numerous ways, and SDG 17 seeks to improve the implementation and reactivation of global partnerships for sustainable development. It aims to bring together national governments, the international community, civil society, the private sector, community members, and various other actors to improve collaboration for increased sustainable development.

Read Western's SDG 17: Partnership For The Goals report to learn about the ways Western is amplifying and prioritizing partnerships for the SDGs across areas of research, relationships, and education. 

There is also information about our work on SDG 17 in the full 2020-2021 Western University Sustainability Development Goals report, which can be found below.

SDG 17 - image of Western SDG report page 36

SDG 17 - image of Western SDG report page 37