Western's Facilities Management Department Holds Zero-Waste BBQ

On June 27, about 250 Facilities Management employees gathered for their annual summer bbq. While employees mingled and enjoyed their lunches, our sustainability team was in full force to make the event ‘Zero Waste’.

Of recent years the bbq has been known to be a Zero Waste event, demonstrating Western’s commitment to environmental sustainability and providing opportunities to educate the community on proper recycling techniques. This year, two waste stations were in place, each containing a receptacle for organics, paper, plastics/glass/metals, and landfill. Careful planning ensured that the bbq plates were compostable, utensils recyclable, and other serving items reusable. As people went to discard their waste, our sustainability team helped FM employees sort their wastes into the appropriate bins. Although overwhelming at times, many of the employees were eager to learn and take responsibility for sorting their waste items.

We are happy to announce, that this year’s bbq was indeed a Zero Waste event! With a total of 125 lbs of waste, we managed to divert 96% from landfill- a 5% increase from last year’s bbq! Special thanks to everyone who made the bbq a huge success and to all the employees who helped make this year’s bbq Zero Waste!