Participate in the Sustainability Scavenger Hunt!

Sustainability Scavenger Hunt Instructions- O-Week 2015

We want to welcome you all to Western University! Here on campus, we have pledged to embed sustainability into the fabric of our community. As you get to know the campus, you will soon learn that Western has invested in many different sustainability initiatives. This scavenger hunt is one way for you to familiarize yourself with campus and learn about some of our greenest buildings, plus you have the opportunity to win some great prizes! Be sure to follow these instructions closely.

There are four locations that you must visit   for this hunt. You do not have to visit them in any particular order but you must go to all of them at some point to collect the KEY from each building. The four buildings you must visit include:

  • Claudette Mackay-Lassonde Pavillion
  • Stevenson & Lawson Hall
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • UCC (look for Sustainability Green Board—2nd floor...)

Click here for a campus map!

  1. At each location you will find an informative poster outlining the green features of the building. Each poster will contain a KEY, a question or fact that you must collect from the poster. Make sure you collect the correct KEY and pay close attention to details!
  2. You will have the duration of O-Week to collect the KEYs and learn about Western’s green buildings at your own pace. On Friday September 11, you must bring all of your KEYs to the Sustainability Booth on Concrete Beach from 11 a.m-4p.m. In order to be eligible for prizes you must submit your KEYs early! We have some great prizes but only a limited supply, so please come as early as possible to claim your victory!
  3. In addition to the many prizes to be won, you can have your name added to a mini-draw for a solar-panel USB charger, all you need to do is find the sign located in UCC (2nd floor) and take a selfie. Once uploaded to Twitter or Instagram, and once you have added ‘GreenWesternU’ to Twitter, you will be entered into the draw!

Don’t forget, by submitting all your KEYs you eligible to win the grand prize: a brand new bike!

Should you have any questions please contact and tweet us at @GreenWesternU to let us know how your scavenger hunt is going!
Happy Hunting!