Student Opportunity: Western Sustainability Leaders Program

This year the Sustainability Office launched a new student engagement opportunity -- the Western Sustainability Leaders Program (WSLP). The WSLP is a program for students, by students. In partnership with Western Sustainability staff, a group of four motivated students joined together to co-create the vision and implementation of the WSLP. 

Each month features a different sustainability theme, covering topics such as waste, food, energy, and more. Throughout the month students can get involved with the topic at hand through educational campaigns, contests and giveaways. Then, at the end of each month a virtual event brings together leaders from student groups, Western staff, faculty, and community organizations for a discussion on the sustainability theme.

Co-Curricular Record recognition is available for students who attend a minimum of 4 WSLP events over the course of the year. Students also benefit by meeting peers with an interest in sustainability from different academic backgrounds and years of study, and also networking with professionals in the community. 

Within the first month of launching the WSLP, students from nearly every academic faculty and year of study had signed up to the program. With interdisciplinary student representation at both the undergraduate and graduate level, there are opportunities for exciting collaborations through this program! 

Find more information and recordings from some of the events on the Western Sustainability Leaders Program page.