Efficiency Upgrades

The Facilities Management department has introduced “closed-loop” cooling for new equipment. While old systems ran large quantities of cold water through equipment to cool them and then drained out all the heated water, the new closed-loop system retains, re-chills, and reuses the original water.

Low-flow fixtures such as faucets and showerheads have been installed throughout the University’s residences, and new sensor-automated urinals flush in response to usage rather than flushing continually.

A Western student developed the University’s “Save the Blue Campaign”, a water conservation initiative encouraging students living in residence to reduce their water usage. A follow-up survey revealed notable improvements in student water usage, including a 55 percent increase in the reporting of leaks.

The replacement of water-cooled equipment “chillers” with energy-cooled chillers has produced substantial annual water savings.

A cistern has been installed in Western’s “green building” to catch rainwater, and the resulting “grey” (i.e. non-potable) water is used to flush toilets instead of city water.