Electronic Waste


Electronic Waste (e-waste) Recycling at Western

Collection, reuse and recycling of electronic equipment has become an important area of focus because these devices not only contain harmful chemicals, such as cadmium, mercury and lead, but are also costly to dispose of in a responsible manner.

Who is Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES)?

OES is a non-profit organization that ensures end-of-life electronics are properly disposed of in the province of Ontario. Focusing on the safety and security of disposing all electronic waste, as well as diversion from the provinces’ landfills, OES manages authorized collection depots and organized collection events. OES is Western's authorized disposal partner.

Where does it go?


OES depots are audited and approved processing plants that properly remove raw materials from electronics such as precious metals, plastics, and glass, all while safely disposing harmful substances like mercury and lead. The raw materials are reused in new electronics.

What is accepted?

Desktop computers, portable computers (laptops, tablets), computer peripherals (keyboards, mouse), desktop printers, floor-standing IT, printing, copying, copying & multi-function devices, mobile devices, displays, TVs, monitors, telephones, audio/video systems, home theatres, projectors, vehicle audio/video systems.        

What is an e-brain?

An e-brain or electronic brain is a piece of equipment that has a hard drive or has the capability of storing confidential, sensitive or non-reproducible information. Items include tablets, smart phones, hard drives, laptops and flash drives.   

Dispose of your electronics in the following buildings:

Building Name

Room Number

Closest Loading Dock



Althouse College

1064 1A Ground

Bio & Geo

TA-08 7 Ground


140R 8 Level 1 in hallway, across from classroom


26 11 Ground stairwell across from listed room


1400 16 First in hallway, across from listed classroom

Spencer Engineering

Dock 17 First located at loading dock

Middlesex College

202,351 27 Second, Third


29 31 Basement needs bin

Medical Science

M188 25 First

Social Science Centre

1207 34 First located at loading dock

Thames Hall

2140 40 Second needs bin

Western Student Rec Centre

2200 41 Level 2 next to loading dock


147B 43 First

Western Science Centre

Dock 54 Ground located at loading dock

Siebens Drake

117 55 First

North Campus

120 IMC 60 First

Ivey Business

1245 72 First

place beside battery barrel,
located at loading dock, needs bin

Support Services Building

ITS Department Fourth

There is a bin in the ITS department