Battery Recycling

Rechargeable batteriesWestern is changing its battery recycling program on campus as a result of a recent inspection from Transport Canada. This will allow Western to improve the way that batteries are separated, stored, transported and disposed of on campus inline in compliance with Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations and the Ministry of the Environment.

Previously, batteries have been accepted in most buildings on campus at several locations in each building. Batteries can be dropped off in nine locations on campus.

The new locations for battery drop off include:

  • Biological & Geological Sciences loading dock
  • Chemistry Building loading dock
  • Medical Sciences, Room M003 (basement)
  • North Campus Building loading dock
  • Physics and Astronomy Building loading dock
  • Robarts Research loading dock
  • Siebens-Drake Research loading dock
  • Social Science loading dock
  • Spencer Engineering loading dock
  • Support Services Building fourth floor atrium

For safety reasons, batteries are required to be separated by type. Recycling bins will be available for three different types of batteries;

  • Alkaline (e.g. flashlight batteries, AA, AAA, AAAA, A23, C, D, 9V cells)
  • Nickel Cadmium / Nickel Metal Hydride (e.g. battery packs, rechargeable batteries)
  • Lithium Ion (e.g. cell phone, laptop, digital camera batteries)

We appreciate your co-operation as we comply with governement regulations and welcome any questions or comments you may have to

battery recycling has changed poster

Download "Battery Recycling at Western has Changed" poster (PDF 2.5MB)