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Fair Trade is a new way of doing business. Fair Trade ensures that farmers and producers are receiving a fair wage and are working in fair conditions for the products we buy.

  • In November 2015, Western received its designation as a Fair Trade Campus Designation.
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  • In the summer of 2014, Western’s food service provider Hospitality Services, with the guidance and support of Fair Trade Western, began phasing in Fire Roasted Coffee at a number of locations on campus including at the former Quotes Café in Weldon and in the Western Student Recreation Center. This was in response to a growing demand from Western students for ethically produced coffee.
  • doi chaang logoEinstein café now serves Doi Chaang coffee, a Fairtrade brand based out of Vancouver.

Fairtrade Certified products (including coffee, tea and chocolate) are currently available in many locations across campus, including;

  • The Wave and Spoke Tavern
  • Western Film
  • Grocery Checkout
  • Hospitality Services locations providing Fire Roasted FT coffee;
    • All Residence Operations
    • Quotes Cafe in Weldon Library
    • Talbot College
    • Western Student Recreation Centre
    • Natural Science
    • Lucy's Café in Somerville House
    • North Campus Building
    • Law/Chambers Cafe
    • Great Hall Catering

What is Fairtrade?

What is Fairtrade? Fairtrade is a global movement primarily in the developing world that ensures farmers and artisans are getting a fair deal for their products. Through cooperatives, Fairtrade allows farmers to have direct access to global markets. Fairtrade guarantees farmers fair wages, working conditions, a minimum price for their products so they have much more security, and a premium that is distributed throughout the community democratically. By putting more power in the hands of the beneficiaries of Fairtrade (farmers), it is changing how our markets work. For more information, check out this article.

Distinguishing Fairtrade products

Fairtrade refers to the specific certification from Fairtrade International (FLO), which is a rigorous certification process with many different criteria. There are many products that claim to be Fairtrade but are not certified. These two symbols are the only way to guarantee the product being purchased has been produced in ethical conditions.

Note: The blue and green symbol is often found without colour.

Fair trade logoFair trade logo

What are the criteria to become a Fair Trade Campus?

  • Visibility. Businesses and vendors must have signs indicating they offer Fair Trade products. This is to ensure that customers are aware of what Fair Trade products are available on campus and encourage them to choose Fair Trade Certified!

  • Availability. All coffee served on campus if Fair Trade (franchises excluded), all locations offering tea must have 3 Fair Trade tea options and all locations offering chocolate bars must have one Fair Trade chocolate bar option.

  • Fair Trade Committee. The committee is made up of: one student representative, one faculty member, one university VP and one purchasing manager. The Fair Trade Committee ensures the university maintains their Fair Trade Campus status and continues to strive to offer more Fair Trade products.

    View the full list of criteria

What is Fair Trade Western?

Fair Trade Western is a group Fair Trade Western’s goals on campus and in the London community are:

  • Raise awareness about Fair Trade
  • Increase the availability of Fair Trade products
  • Increase the visibility of Fair Trade products where they are sold
We are constantly working to encourage people to purchase Fairtrade products and take simple actions that can make a difference. We do this through a variety of events, some of which are fundraisers, including:

  • Fair Trade Campus Week – a campus wide week-long “celebration” of Fairtrade
  • Fairtrade bake sales
  • Scare Them Fair – a Halloween event that promotes the purchasing of Fairtrade chocolate for Halloween
  • My Fair Valentine – before Valentine’s Day every year we sell Fairtrade chocolate candy grams! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages!

The Fair Trade Western Student Team

  • Mike Allan – VP Fair Trade: mikeallan@ewb.ca
  • Katie Hullah – Director of Fair Trade Campus: khullah@uwo.ca
  • Elizabeth Harrison – Director of Fairtrade Initiatives: eharri56@uwo.ca

What you can do

  • Buy Fair Trade products on campus
  • Proudly wear a pin or sticker to show your support for Fair Trade
  • Stay up to date by following Fair Trade Western on Facebook and Twitter
  • Come out to our weekly meetings to join the team!
  • Learn more! Check out Fair Trade Canada
  • Contact Mike Allan – VP Fair Trade for more info: mikeallan@ewb.ca

Where can I buy Fairtrade products on campus?

Fairtrade Certified products (including coffee, tea and chocolate) are currently available in many locations across campus, including:
  • The Wave and Spoke Tavern
  • Western Film
  • Grocery Checkout
  • Hospitality Services locations providing Fire Roasted FT coffee
    -All Residence Operations
    -Quotes Cafe in Weldon Library
    -Talbot College
    -Western Student Recreation Centre
    -Natural Science
    -Lucy's Café in Somerville House
    -North Campus Building
    -Law/Chambers Cafe
    -Great Hall Catering
  • Keep an eye out for other Fairtrade products that are available in Canada, including: Cotton, Flowers, Fruit, Gold, Grains (rice & quinoa), Spices and herbs Nuts, oilseeds, and coconut, Sports balls, Sugar, Wine and beer