Eating on Campus

Farmers Market

Hospitality Services' sustainability plan is part of Western's roadmap for building and operating a healthier more sustainable campus community. Through collaboration and innovation, we are committed to building a more sustainable food system.

Mission Statement

Hospitality Services is committed to creating, producing, and improving the sustainable culture within the Western community.


To champion sustainability initiatives such as stakeholder engagement, waste reduction and diversion, responsible sourcing and healthy eating.

Our Focus Areas

PACES (The President's Advisory Committee on Environment and Sustainability) is working on Creating a Sustainable Western Experience, and Hospitality Services is helping to embed sustainability into the Western community.

Read more about PACES and Hospitality Services Related PACES Goals.

Timeline of Our Journey

Hospitality Services at Western has recognized the importance of sustainability and has implemented many different initiatives and programs. We are proud of our accomplishments and the recognition we have received from other organizations and associations. Read more about the Sustainability Awards presented to Hospitality Services to date.

Sustainability Action Plan

Hospitality Services recognizes the need to take responsibility and action with regards to being more sustainable. To this end, we have developed a Sustainability Action Plan pdf file, which takes a multi-faceted approach and incorporates the principles of sustainability in all aspects of our operation.

This action plan ensures that we act in accordance with Western's policy on the environment and sustainability. In order to continue to be proactive in this respect, we have classified our principles into three categories:

Ecology: Our commitment to the environment waste diversion and eco-friendly strategies.

Culture: Our commitment to the community, to educate and increase awareness.

Technology: Continuation and improvement of our recycling program, purchasing energy-efficient equipment and implementing new green technologies as they become available.


  • Residence Dining and Great Hall Catering have composted all suitable pre-consumer and post-consumer food scraps including biodegradable paper and coffee grounds for many years.

    Some of the Campus Eateries offer a back-of-the house composting program focusing mainly on Tim Hortons coffee grounds. This program is gradually being expanded across campus based on building logistics.

    At UCC Centre Spot, our customers are also able to compost items that are accepted by our service provider.

    At Western, we have a service provider who collects the green bins a couple times per week. Through their industrial process with very specific conditions, our compost becomes rich soil in a matter of weeks.

    As a customer, what can you compost at Centre Spot?

    • All food scraps including cooked meats
    • Uncoated paper serving plates/boxes
    • Napkins
    • Wooden chopsticks

Fair Trade/Organic

  • In November 2015, Western received its designation as a Fair Trade Campus.

  • Fair Trade is a new way of doing business. Fair Trade ensures that farmers and producers are receiving a fair wage and are working in fair conditions for the products we buy.

  • For more information about Western's Fair Trade initiatives, please visit:

Waste Reduction

    Programs include Travel Mug Program, Choose to Reuse, Eliminating Styrofoam, Bulk purchasing and Reusable water bottles.
    More information about reduce and reuse.

    Along with paper and containers, we recycle used toner cartridges, batteries, plastic packaging wrap, electronic waste, fryer oil, and coffee cups!
    More information about recycling.

    We compost pre-consumer food waste and coffee grounds in residences, Great Hall Catering, and in some campus operations. Consumers can compost at the UCC Centre Spot, Support Services Building, Social Science, and in the Residence Dining operations.
    More information about composting.

    We know water is an important resource, and we are working to increase our water preservation. Our chemical supplier helps us manage our chemical stock. They control our usage levels, product disbursement, and provide us material safety data sheets for all products.
    More information about water & chemical usage.


Products and Services

  • Hospitality Services is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. Partners, who share this commitment to environmental improvements and increased sustainability, will be given significant weight in the RFP (Request for Proposal) process.


    How do we define local? Anything produced, raised, or processed in Ontario! A 2012 assessment by Local Foods Plus showed 40% of purchases made for Residences Dining are local! Over 30% of our total purchases are locally sourced. This relates to over $1.6 million dollars staying in our province, with our local farmers, and supporting our economy!
    You can find more information about buying local here.


    Hospitality Services is going Fair Trade in 2015! We will be offering local Fire Roasted Coffee and Beyond Fair Trade Doi Chaang Coffee. As well, anywhere tea or chocolate bars are sold 3+ Fair Trade teas and 1+ Fair Trade chocolate bars are available.
    You can find more information about fair trade here.


    High Liner Foods is the major supplier of seafood for Residence Dining. High Liner has pledged to have all responsibly sourced products, and currently 99% of their seafood supply comes from certified sustainable or responsible sources.
    You can find more information about sustainable seafood here.


    Residence Dining serves approximately half of their entrees meatless. Of these options, half are completely vegan.
    You can find more information about meatless and vegan options here.


    See our major distributors here.


Get Involved

    Come and pick up some local ingredients for your own kitchen, meet your local producers & learn where your food is from!
    More information about Western farmers' market.

    Great Hall's commitment is to provide delicious cuisine in a sustainable manner using fresh, seasonal produce, meats, and cheeses from local farmers and growers.
    More information about Great Hall.

    Knowing where your food is from is important! It is also important to know the nutritional value! FRESH, Food Resources and education for Student Health, identifies healthier options in our operations. Net Nutrition provides easy on-line access to nutrition information on the foods served in residence.
    More information about FRESH & Nutrition.

    To help promote sustainability in our residences, we participate in the annual Rez Powers Down and Earth Hour with local food events, reducing our energy requirements, and Recycling 101.
    More information about educate & reuse.