Alternative Transportation

On my way to school


Western maintains that there needs to be safe and efficient networks to support pedestrian, bicycle and bus traffic as well as provide for visitor parking. Western’s campus-wide system of pathways and sidewalks provides good pedestrian interconnection between most points on campus. At some of the busier crosswalks, flashing lights can be activated for pedestrian safety.

Campus Fleet: Western's Foot Patrol, Facilities Management, Parking Services, and Campus Police all invested in a pilot program to establish environmentally friendly fleets. Consisting of both hybrid cars and electric vehicles, the pilot program was a huge success and will be implemented more widely.

Intra-campus Transportation: A pilot program provides bicycles, rather than trucks and vans, to Power Plant employees who provide plumbing, electrical, and other technical support to faculties, residences and administrative buildings.

Student Bus Pass: The University Students’ Council and Society of Graduate Students have set up a universal bus pass program that provides unlimited bus transportation to all full-time students. Parking and Visitor Services has strategically placed bus shelters in high-density areas on campus to ensure a more comfortable – and therefore, more popular – busing experience.

Bicycles and Rollerblades: The campus is bicycle- and rollerblade-friendly. The main arteries that lead to the campus core are lined with designated paths, and some routes on campus have been completely closed to vehicles. A large, centrally-located row of bicycle racks and lockers provides a main cyclist hub near the University Community Centre, and students have access to showers and lockers at the nearby Western Student Recreation Centre. In total, the University provides space for 2,100 bicycles across campus, conveniently locating many of the bike racks near building entrances.