Bike and Shower Location Map

Cycling is important to the Western community.

Attached is a bike rack and shower location map for those wishing to cycle and shower on campus before class or work.

Bike Rack and Shower Location Map

Purple Bikes

The Purple Bikes group promotes cycling at Western University and at large in the London community. Through the University Students' Council, a small staff and a group of volunteers offer bicycle workshops as well as a bike rental service throughout the year.

Bike Workshop

The workshop is where remodelling of bikes for bikeshare occurs. It is also open to the public so they can do their own repairs. With a $10/month workshop membership, you gain access to tools and inventory where you can purchase new and used parts for your bike. Anyone interested in learning about fixing bicycles is invited to volunteer; you’ll get hands on experience.

Bike Rentals

Purple Bikes offers a bike rental service, giving people the opportunity to commute to and around campus and tour the city on a bike. Fortunately, London has many kilometers of beautiful multi-use paths along the Thames River. Bike rentals are available for different lengths of time; see the Bike Rentals page for details.

For more information about Purple Bikes, please visit their website: