Purchase FSC Paper Products

Posted: January 8, 2014

It is important to include sustainability in Canadian forestry practices. Currently, 45% of Boreal forests in Canada are allocated to logging companies. If these trees are not cut down in a well thought-out, sustainable and ethical manner, habitats will be destroyed, successful tree re-growth will be less likely, climate change may become more severe and a greater strain will be put on the forestry industry, driving prices of paper products up.

So how can you promote ecoforestry in your life? It’s very simple: purchase Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper products!

FSC certified paper products come from forests that were logged in a sustainable way. With the collaboration of environmentalists, aboriginal communities, forestry industry representatives and community stakeholders, certain forests are methodically selected for cutting in sections. This ensures that wildlife habitat is protected, local communities are consulted, and aboriginal rights are respected, all while providing enough usable lumber for production.

Make sure to look for the FSC logo when purchasing your paper products!

FSC Logo

To learn more about the FSC, and to learn how we can all ensure that we have healthy forests and strong communities for generations to come, please visit: http://www.fsccanada.org/fscstory.htm.