How to start living a Zero Waste lifestyle

How to Start living a Zero Waste Lifestyle

 If you haven’t heard, living simply is now quite simple to do. With the Zero Waste Movement becoming a rising, sustainable lifestyle choice, the ability to live simply and with less of an environmental impact has become much more accessible.  People all over the world are creating blogs, YouTube videos, Instagram’s and Tumblr’s with their secrets and tips on how to get started on living a Zero Waste lifestyle. And honestly, it is not THAT hard. All you need is commitment!

 Here are some of the tips I found helpful to living Zero Waste lifestyle.

  1. Carry a Handkerchief—Not only does it eliminate the amount of tissues that you are using but it can also be useful for drying your hands, wrapping up food and saving your nose from a world of hurt.
  2. Use a Reusable Water Bottle. Only 23% of plastic water bottles are actually recycled in a year. That means that 77% are reaching landfill and polluting our oceans. Purchasing a reusable water bottle will not only eliminate the production of this waste but will also save you a lot of money. 
  3. Use reusable bags. At the grocery store, the mall, your local bakery; bring it anywhere you can to avoid those plastic bags. Keep them in the trunk of your car for when you forget to bring them.
  4. Shop at a farmers market for produce. Most produce is packages in boxes, containers or plastic bags and farmer’s market produce usually come unpackaged. If this cannot be avoided for produce, just make sure you are purchasing fruits and veggies that come in recyclable containers.
  5. Purchase a bamboo toothbrush. According to David Suzuki it is a very ecofriendly and compostable!

Compost! A lot of what you consume is food and in most situations, more than 80% of what you consume is compostable. Check out this link to learn how to make your own compost: