Happy Earth Day!

This Earth Day, find out what kind of impact you're having on the planet.

Ever wonder how much energy you’re saving by recycling an aluminum pop can? How about the amount of water you’re consuming when you use the dishwasher? Now you can find out a large range of information by using these environmental calculators: 

1) Ecofootprint Calculator: Visit http://www.myfootprint.org/.  

2) Water Footprint Calculator: Visit http://www.waterfootprint.org/?page=cal/WaterFootprintCalculator

3) Vampire Power: Vampire Power is the energy that is drawn by appliances even when they are not in use. Check out https://www.comed.com/home-savings/quick-ideas/Pages/vampire-power.aspx to see how much your consumption is costing you.  

4) Recyclometer: The recyclometer allows you to calculate your energy savings based on the items you recycle. Visit http://www.coca-cola.co.uk/environment/recyclometer.html

5) Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator: This calculator allows you to convert a variety of units such as kWh into everyday CO2 emission equivalents. Visit http://www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-resources/calculator.html#results.