Eating Locally

Did you know that the average meal travels almost 2500 km before reaching your table? This week, purchase more local foods and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the transporting of your meals! Here are some reasons why you should eat locally:

1)    According to Delaware University, non-local produce must be picked and packaged long before it has naturally ripened. Fruits and vegetables become artificially ripened during transport, but never gain many of the nutrients they are supposed to have. Because of this, non-local produce doesn’t have the same taste or nutritional value as local produce.

2)    Along with the production of greenhouse gases and the consumption of fossil fuels, time and money are also wasted in the process of transporting foods.

3)    You can support your local community by investing in local foods.

Take the 100-mile challenge this week and support your community, reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy foods that taste better and are better for you! Check out London’s Farmer’s Markets at: