Battery Recycling

Did you know that batteries release toxic heavy metals into the air, ground and water when they are thrown into the garbage? Statistics show that batteries account for 88% of mercury and 50% of cadmium in the Municipal Solid Waste stream. Luckily, special disposal practices can be used to mitigate harmful effects. Check out the tips below to see how you can make a difference on campus!

- To have the biggest influence, reduce energy consumption and use energy efficient appliances to extend the life of batteries.

- Use rechargeable batteries wherever possible. The impact of generating 1 kWh of energy using rechargeable or disposable batteries is comparable to the global warming impacts of driving a car 16 km and 457 km, respectively.

- Discard old batteries at designated drop-off receptacles – almost every floor in every building on campus has one! For more information on battery collection bins and services, contact the Service Centre at Ext. 83304 on campus. If you’re off campus, check out to find the nearest location to drop off your batteries.