WWF-Canada's Living Planet @ Campus

Join WWF-Canada, Western's Sustainability Office and thousands of post-secondary students across Canada in addressing the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change, while building your resume.

WWF-Canada's Living Planet @ Campus program helps students bring environmental sustainability and conservation activities to life on their campus and in their lives. Students can participate in different types of group initiatives or self-guided activities to address issues like biodiversity loss and climate change. 

Living Planet @ Campus provides opportunities for learning, collaboration and professional development for all students. Students can contribute to positive change through activities like campus clean-ups and Earth Hour, create habitat for wildlife through native plant gardening, and apply for funding to kickstart their own projects that help nature thrive.

Students can also earn WWF-Canada's Living Planet Leader certification, a self-guided designation that can be completed over the course of their post-secondary education. Upon completion of the Living Planet Leader requirements, students receive a WWF-Canada certificate, are listed on the Living Planet @ Campus website, and can include WWF-Canada and the certification on their LinkedIn profile and resume. 

How to Register

As part of the WWF-Canada's Living Planet @ Campus program, Living Planet Leader is a self-guided certification you can complete over the course of your post-secondary career. You can personalize the certification to your own experiences, highlighting your conservation contributions on campus, in the community, and in your personal life. Once you complete the certification, you can include the WWF-Canada certification on your LinkedIn profile and you will be recognized on WWF-Canada's Living Planet @ Campus website.

To get started:

  • Create your Living Planet @ Campus account at campus.wwf.ca 
  • Register for Living Planet Leader to start your journey
  • Review the certification's requirements
  • Start submitting actions you have completed during your post-secondary career to the portal
  • Submit relevant actions as you go!

As a student, you will take action across four category requirements, including:

  • Campus, community, or global volunteerism
  • Personal application of sustainability
  • Application of sustainability in academics, and
  • Leadership and teamwork

Western's Sustainability Office partners with WWF-Canada on the Living Planet @ Campus program and is here to support you on your Living Planet Leader journey! Looking for campus opportunities that can count towards your certification? Email us at sustainability@uwo.ca with any questions or ideas for the program, and follow our Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with WWF-Canada's Living Planet @ Campus events and opportunities at Western!  

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