Level 1 (1 point each)

StatusLevel OnePoints
When printing and copying in our office, at minimum, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI paper is used (Did you know - Paper). 0
The paper products (i.e. envelopes, post-it notes, file folders) we use are at least 10% post consumer recycled paper (Did you know - Paper). 0
Before purchasing office furniture, we check with other offices to see if they have any furniture we can use. 0
Total Points0
Total Possible Points3

Level 2 (3 points each)

StatusLevel TwoPoints
When printing outside the office, FSC, SFI, or 30% post-consumer recycled paper is used (Did you know - Paper). 0
Promotional items purchased by the department encourage more sustainable practices (ie. reusable mugs, reusable bags, plants, etc.). 0
Only rechargeable batteries are purchased whenever possible. 0
Total Points0
Total Possible Points9

Level 3 (5 points each)

StatusLevel ThreePoints
If furniture must be purchased, sustainable certified companies are sought and/or we buy only recycled furniture. 0
All appliances and equipment that we acquire are Energy Star or EPEAT certified (Did you know - Energy Star; EPEAT). 0
It is mandated within our office that sustainability is always considered when developing criteria for requests for proposals. 0
Office supplies are purchased by Western's preferred stationery supplier, Office Max (Grand & Toy); and, environmentally preferable products are chosen over other products (Did you know - Purchasing Environmentally Preferable Office Supplies). 0
Office supplies are only ordered once a week to reduce transportation requirements and greenhouse gas emissions. 0
Total Points0
Total Possible Points25

Category Total0
Category Possible37