Publications & Outreach

Level 1 (1 point each)

StatusLevel OnePoints
Our office has a designated “Green Office Representative”. 0
All of our colleagues have a “save paper, think before you ink” type of message included in their email signature to discourage unnecessary printing. 0
We have a designated “Green Board” on the office floor with tips and information on green practices, events, and groups *Email to inquire about Green Boards. 0
All of our colleagues are familiarized with the "Electronic Work Order Request" process to report situations such as leaking faucets, cracked windows, etc.
* Electronic Work Order Request
Total Points0
Total Possible Points5

Level 2 (3 points each)

StatusLevel TwoPoints
Our office receives an email with an energy saving checklist before breaks and holidays from a Green Office Representative (Resources - Green Office Program Energy Saving Checklist for Breaks and Holidays).  0
Our office receives a “Green Tip” e-mail monthly from a Green Office Representative (provided by the Green Office Administrator). 0
Total Points0
Total Possible Points6

Level 3 (5 points each)

StatusLevel ThreePoints
We provide information on the University’s and Department’s green initiatives, policies, and/or guidelines to our new staff. *Visit to learn about Western’s green initiatives. 0
100% of the people in our office have signed Western’s “Green Office Program Pledge”. 0
We have inspired ________________________ (another office/group) to participate in the “Green Office Program”. 0
Our office makes departmental publications available online and/or offers electronic documents whenever possible. 0
All of our colleagues attend a sustainability related conference and/or webinar at least once a year (Did you know - Get Involved!) 0
All of our colleagues participate in sustainable community events each year (Did you know - Get Involved!). 0
Total Points0
Total Possible Points30
Category Total0
Category Possible41