Green Office Program

Getting your colleagues in touch with their greener side just got a little easier!

Whether it's converting to reusable water bottles, switching off your computer at night, or adding some living plants to your space, going green in the office is often a simple matter of changing habits.

Western's Green Office Program will help your office identify areas of improvement, track its progress and celebrate achievements. By following the checklists (in eight categories and developed specifically for our campus), the Green Office program encourages building occupants to select an office representative/champion and get registered.

Step 1: Watch our informational tutorial video about the Green Office Program

Step 2: Click on the pictures below to learn about the points associated with each category.

If you are interested in joining the program then:

Step 3: Click on 'Register your Office' below and fill out the form

Step 4: Determine who your 'Office Representative' will be and fill out the form

Step 5: Fill out the 'Green Office Scorecard'

Note: These documents open successfully through Internet Explorer.

Register your Office

Sign up as Office Representative

Green Office Scorecard

Energy & Climate

Food & Dining

Energy and climate Food and dining

Publications & Outreach


Publications and outreach Purchasing


Waste Management

Transportation Waste management

Events & Meetings


Events and meetings Initiatives