Food & Dining

Level 1 (1 point each)

StatusLevel OnePoints
Our colleagues are encouraged to use reusable water bottles instead of disposable plastic bottles (Poster – Bring Your Own Bottle). 0
Our colleagues are encouraged to use reusable mugs instead of disposable coffee cups (Poster – Lug-A-Mug). 0
We only use biodegradable, non-toxic or environmentally preferable dishwashing soap in the kitchen (Did you know - Environmentally Preferable Dishwashing Soap). 0
Reminders have been posted near faucets to encourage water conservation (Poster – Water Conservation). 0
Total Points0
Total Possible Points4

Level 2 (3 points each)

StatusLevel TwoPoints
In the kitchen and common areas, there are reusable mugs, dishware and cutlery for visitors and staff to use. 0
Our colleagues make an effort to bring waste free lunches by packing reusable containers and avoiding individually packaged snacks (Poster- Litterless Lunch). 0
Total Points0
Total Possible Points6

Level 3 (5 points each)

StatusLevel ThreePoints
We have an organics collection bin in the kitchen and a schedule for its proper disposal. *Email to inquire about receiving a bin. 0
In our office, we only purchase Fair Trade or organic coffee for our consumption (Did you know - Fair Trade; Organic). 0
Bottled water, Styrofoam, and plastic cups are never purchased by our office. 0
Total Points0
Total Possible Points15
Category Total0
Category Possible25