About the Program

Western’s Green Office Program was originally inspired by the Green Office Program at Harvard University. It is a voluntary and self-reporting tool for offices to gauge their sustainability efforts. This program allows offices to identify areas for improvement and to recognize progressive offices in sustainability.

Western’s Green Office Program is also a resource for members of the Western community to improve their environmental consciousness and practices. It aims to engage all members of the Western community and to inspire sustainable behaviours.

The objectives of this program align with Western’s commitments to sustainability and with current initiatives in the community. Everyone must work together to create a culture of sustainability on campus, and to continue enhancing the Western experience.

Goals and Objectives

  • To raise environmental consciousness and practices within staff and faculty on campus.
  • To reduce our environmental impact by decreasing and rethinking our consumption of resources.
  • To contribute to the reduction of the University’s greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, water consumption and waste outputs.

Registration Process

Step 1) Identify the Green Office Representative in your office:

  • The Green Office Representative is the liaison between the participating office and the Green Office Administrator from Facilities Management
  • Approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour each month should be allocated to the Program by the Green Office Representative (with an initial time commitment of 2-3 hours when the program is first launched in the office).

Step 2) Acquire approval from middle/senior level management to participate in the Green Office Program

Step 3) Submit the Green Office Program application forms to sustainability@uwo.ca:

  • The Green Office Representative Application Form must be read and signed by the identified Green Office Representative.
  • The Green Office Program Application and Sustainability Pledge Form must be signed by at least 70% of the full/part-time staff, as well as middle/senior level management.

Once an office is registered for the Green Office Program, they can arrange to have an Introductory Green Office Program Presentation provided by the Green Office Administrator if they so choose.


Green Office Program                    
Platinum 90%
Gold 80%
Silver 60%
Bronze 40%
Participant <40%


The Green Office Program can be initiated at any time within an office. Once an office registers and conducts their baseline assessment using the Green Office Program Scorecard, they will have a maximum of one year to improve and track progress using the Scorecard. Once they have completed the follow-up assessment, they must email their results to sustainability@uwo.ca in order to be ranked alongside other offices, and to be eligible for a Green Office Program Certificate.