Western Environmental System

Western Environmental System (WES) is the single most significant tool in energy consumption on campus. It is an advanced HVAC system that can remotely control campus air systems allowing the Facilities Management department to schedule the shut down of service to areas of non-occupancy (ie: evenings and weekends).

A large majority of buildings on campus (50+) are supported by the system and each new building is added as they go online. Retrofitting of older buildings will be a gradual upgrade.

Western's Real-Time Energy Dashboard allows you to monitor the energy use of campus buildings. Users can view campus-wide energy demand at that time, as well as a building-by-building breakdown showcasing energy use across most of the university’s facilities. Clicking on an icon gives users an up-close look at that particular building’s electricity use. The data is sortable in a number of ways, including tracking data for the day, week, month and year as well as various comparison options. The system is the first step in what developers see as a response to demands from a number of different stakeholders including, most importantly, the users on campus.