President's Advisory Committee on Environment & Sustainability

The University constituted an Environment and Sustainability Working Group, whose purpose was to provide direction on the creation of cohesive and comprehensive approaches to environmental sustainability at Western.

Before dissolving, the working group set the mandate for the President's Advisory Committee on Environment & Sustainability (PACES). PACES is tasked with fulfilling ambitious but attainable goals related to campus sustainability and to improve awareness of sustainability initiatives and opportunities campus-wide.

PACES reports to Western's President, and is co-chaired by the Vice President, Resources and Operations and the Provost and Vice President (Academic). Committee members include:

  • Janice Deakin, Provost and Vice-President (Academic), Co-chair
  • Gitta Kulczycki, Vice-President (Resources and Operations), Co-chair
  • Susan Grindrod, Associate Vice-President, (Housing & Ancillary Services)
  • Lynn Logan, Associate Vice-President, (Finance & Facilities)
  • Helen Connell, Associate Vice-President, (Communications & Public Affairs)
  • Dr. Patricia Corcoran, Director, Centre of Environment and Sustainability
  • Dr. James Voogt, Associate Professor, Geography
  • Dr. Rob Klassen, Professor, Ivey School of Business
  • Dr. Irena Creed, Associate Professor, Biology and Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Andrew Hrymak, Dean and Professor, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
  • Elizabeth Krische, Director of Purchasing, Financial Services
  • Carolyn Young, Director, Continuing Studies
  • Beverley Ayeni, Manager, Sustainability
  • Jeff Grieve, Director, Information Technology Services
  • Katherine Chien, University Students' Council Appointment
  • Jonathan Raikes, Society of Graduate Students Appointment

Our Goals

PACES is guided by the following principles:

  • Incorporating sustainability into our academic programming, to contribute to an educated citizenry and develop future leaders
  • Engaging in research across the disciplines into issues of environmental sustainability
  • Reducing our use of inputs
  • Reducing outputs through recycling and reuse
  • Focusing on life cycle management of resources and waste products
  • Utilizing ecological landscaping methods and preserving green space
  • Building and renovating facilities in accordance with energy efficiency and sustainability principles

Western's Sustainability Policy can be found here